A Life Of Worship
Pastor Luke


When you think about worship, what comes to your mind? Do you think singing songs? Maybe you think of large “worship” events led by Worship Leaders at a venue. For most of us, we associate worship with music. Sunday morning services are often filled with singing songs that are all about Jesus and God’s goodness. And while this is important, worship goes much deeper. It’s meant to be much more than just singing songs. Worship is an outward reflection of an inward transformation. The question then is, what does my expression of worship say about the inward transformation I claim to have experienced through Jesus? If I struggle to worship openly in a corporate setting, what does that say about other areas of my life? More than that, worship is meant to be expressed in all areas of my life. Paul instructs us in Romans 12 to present our lives as living sacrifices. He says this is our act of spiritual worship. In other words, how I live my life is itself an act of worship. How can I do that, and what does it look like as a follower of Jesus? That’s exactly what we explore in today’s message!

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