Are you looking for a Christian Church in Lawrence, KS? If so, then you should know that The Anchor Church is the place for you. Based in Lawrence, KS, The Anchor Church strives to help the community find Christ through their church. There are many ways to get connected with a  love-giving church like ours.


At The Anchor Church, we believe it’s all about the love of Christ. Christian churches like ours focus on Jesus and His truth so that people can find their purpose and meaning in life. Love is the foundation of Christian churches, so it’s easy to see why The Anchor Church would be a great fit for you!




Get To Know Our Pastors

Pastor Alex and Brooke are the Founding and Lead Pastors of The Anchor Church! They enjoy interacting with people and living their lives to the fullest. These are the Pastors for you if you’re seeking Pastors who will accompany you through both good times and bad. They have 3 kids. Bentlee, Easton, and Ayden.


How Can You Get Connected With Us?

There are many ways to get connected with The Anchor Church. Christian churches like ours have something called “Anchor Groups,” which provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere for people in the church to connect through life experiences. We even offer child care during these times, so you can feel free to bring your kids along too.


Our Anchor Groups

At The Anchor Church, we believe that Christian churches should be about love. We have programs where you can get to know your Christian church family. We have groups for all different types of people. Here’s a list of our Anchor Groups:


The Anchor Kids

We’re dedicated to providing a space where your children may find Jesus in a way they will never forget. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy our Sunday Experience for Adults while knowing that your children are safe and secure as they learn about Jesus and meet other kids from our community.


We want to lay a solid foundation for your children in God’s Word as we invest time and energy in exposing them to a God who loves them unconditionally and has an amazing plan for their life.


The Anchor Youth

We’re enthusiastic about providing an environment where high school and middle school students may uniquely encounter Jesus. The Anchor Church Lawrence is home to Our ANCHORyouth Ministry, an organization dedicated to bringing Christian youth groups together.


The youth ministry meets in our ASM Building (Anchor Student Ministry Building). ANCHORyouth begins on Sunday at 7:00 p.m., and it generally lasts around 90 minutes.


Life Groups

At Christian churches like ours, Life Groups are a great way to connect with God and others. You can find your Christian church family through our life groups at The Anchor Church. We have many life groups that meet on Wednesday nights at various locations throughout Lawrence, KS.



Do you want to make a change in your life? There’s no better method to develop together than by serving together. Join our dream team and prepare to serve in our community. We have wide options for you to choose where to volunteer:


  • First Impressions
  • Anchor Worship
  • Anchor Kids
  • Anchor Youth
  • Technology
  • Kingdom Builders
  • Life Group Leaders
  • Prayer
  • Growth Track
  • Anchor Online

The Anchor Church, Your Love-Giving Church In Lawrence, KS

Have you been looking for churches in Lawrence, KS? Look no further than The Anchor Church. We’re here to help our community to find Christ through our church. We assure you’ll have an unforgettable experience by visiting us. Call us today.

Our Story

theANCHORchurch is about new beginnings – a new church and a fresh start for the future. theANCHORchurch launched in January of 2018. Our story began back in 2015 when Lead Pastors Alex and Brooke Graves began to feel God leading them to step away from the campus ministry they loved to start a church in Lawrence. In the weeks and months that followed, God began to open doors and stir the hearts of others about the preferred future over Lawrence that included theANCHORchurch.

The story of theANCHORchurch is one of dreaming, belonging, creating and loving. It is centered on Jesus and anchored on God’s word. It is a story that does not settle for the status quo, but looks to the future with hope. There is hope for everyone and in every situation. Today the sun can set of your issues but it can rise tomorrow on your future possibilities. theANCHORchurch is here for you and your family!

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