5 Christian Leaders Who Inspired Lives Around Them

Most leaders share the same traits: they are willing to go the extra mile or what is needed to complete their goal, they find the resources, they push the boundaries, and are constantly improving; they decide it is never too late to become a leader.


From John Leland to Martin Luther King JR, or Reverend Bily Graham, Christianity can be proud of having many of the most influential leaders and preachers of all time. But being an effective leader is not a thing of the past. In this post, members from the Christian Church in Lawrence, Kansas, will show you 5 Christian and inspirational leaders of modern times.

Luis Cortés, Jr.

Born in 1957 and currently 63, Reverend Luis Cortés Jr is the founder and CEO of Esperanza. Esperanza is a program dedicated to offering legal and immigration services, financial literacy education, housing, and many more initiatives. Cortés now employs 500 people but is helping around 25,000 families per year. He has won awards, including the Philadelphia Award in 2020, becoming the first Hispanic to win it. Political figures such as Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Mike Pence, and President Biden have spoken at the Hispanic National Prayer Breakfast and Conference, which Cortés hosts.


Jesse Jackson

Born in 1941, Reverend Jesse Jackson worked under Martin Luther King and his civil rights activism. Moved by his baptist beliefs, he sought equal rights for African Americans and women. Besides his political activism as a candidate for the Democratic Party for a couple of presidential elections, Jackson also participated as a peace intermediary in international conflicts. He negotiated the release of US men in Syria, Iraq, and Belgrade.


Jesse Jackson is a true inspiration for those who aspire to a political career and become Christian leaders.

Rick Warren

Born in 1964, Richard Duane Warren is a Christian preacher, pastor, and author. He founded the SaddleBack Church, the largest church in California and one of the largest in the country. He is considered inspirational because of his best-selling books “The Purpose Driven Church ” and “The Purpose Driven Life,” which influenced most of today’s pastors.


Using modern technology, Rick Warren has shared his sermons through the web, and his weekly newsletter reaches more pastors than any other resource. Rick is an example of what happens when you discover your true passion in attending the right church.

Haddon Robinson.

For the last 28 years, those who prepared for becoming Christian preachers have been influenced by the thoughts and teachings of Haddon Robinson. Pastor, professor, and author of the book “Preaching,” Robinson helped develop big ideas for sermons to nowadays’ preachers. Pupils from all around the country can attest, even the pastors from the Christian Church in Lawrence.

Andy Stanley

Born in 1958, Andy Stanley is a Christian preacher, communicator, pastor, and author. He founded the North Point Ministries in Atlanta, which now consists of nearly 100 churches worldwide, and has written 20 books. In 2017, he was listed among the 10 top influential pastors in the country. His efforts included the modernization of Christianity, as he has invested in satellite churches and video venues.


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