The Anchor Church is a Christian church in Lawrence, KS, providing food distribution programs. One of our main service areas, Love Lawrence Programs, includes food distribution programs and other community-focused opportunities for personal growth.


At The Anchor Church, there are many services we offer. One of the most important ones is providing a place where people can worship God and be strengthened by Christian fellowship.




What’s The Food Distribution Program?

Our food distribution program is a Christian community service that allows us to serve those in need. We provide food and other resources that our community may need. Our goal is to provide help to those in need and Christian fellowship.


Get To Know The Love Lawrence Program

Our Love Lawrence program includes food distributions along with other service opportunities for personal growth. Volunteers run the Love Lawrence Program. They are all unpaid workers who give their time out of true love for God and others around them.


Importance Of Community Service Programs

In today’s society, Christian churches are often associated with judgment and exclusion. We want everyone to know that The Anchor Church Lawrence is a place of love and acceptance for all people.


By helping each other, we not only change our own lives but the community around us as well. Christian churches have a responsibility to help those in need and love their neighbors.


We believe in nurturing Christian relationships so we can grow together as disciples of God. Our 

Love Lawrence programs provide opportunities for personal growth through service and Christian fellowship.


Our Christian Fellowship Activities

We offer multiple services every week to help build up the Christian community of Lawrence, KS and strengthen everyone’s relationship with God. As a church, we try to provide fellowship opportunities each week so that people can come together as Christian friends and grow closer to God.


If you are interested in Christian fellowship activities such as Christian bible studies, prayer group meetings, or other service opportunities we offer, you’re more than welcome.

The Anchor Church, A Place To Help Each Other

At The Anchor Church, we’re committed to helping those in need regardless of their condition. We strive to accomplish this by offering Christian fellowship opportunities each week so that people can come together as Christian friends and grow closer to God. Do you want to be part of the change? Contact us today.

Our Story

theANCHORchurch is about new beginnings – a new church and a fresh start for the future. theANCHORchurch launched in January of 2018. Our story began back in 2015 when Lead Pastors Alex and Brooke Graves began to feel God leading them to step away from the campus ministry they loved to start a church in Lawrence. In the weeks and months that followed, God began to open doors and stir the hearts of others about the preferred future over Lawrence that included theANCHORchurch.

The story of theANCHORchurch is one of dreaming, belonging, creating and loving. It is centered on Jesus and anchored on God’s word. It is a story that does not settle for the status quo, but looks to the future with hope. There is hope for everyone and in every situation. Today the sun can set of your issues but it can rise tomorrow on your future possibilities. theANCHORchurch is here for you and your family!

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