Honor Your Gifts
Pastor Luke


Figuring out what your gift is can be tough. You might have more than one gift too! Once you’ve figured out what it is, the next step is learning how to use them. More importantly, how do we use our gifts in a way that honors God who gave them to us? Pastor Luke jumps into this question and helps us find the answers we need. Taking a look at an often overlooked story from David’s life in 2 Samuel 16:5-13, Pastor Luke helps us see how King David honored his gifts when faced with a compromising situation.

Throughout his life, David faced a lot of challenges with ups and downs. There were times honoring God and his gifts well came naturally, and other times it didn’t. Each situation taught David something valuable though that shined through in today’s Scripture. Regardless of our situation we are still called to honor God and the gifts He gives us, and He always provides a way to do it. Tune in to learn from David’s life what it means to honor the gifts God has given us.

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