Churches are more than buildings. Churches are guides to a relationship with God. According to the Lord’s word, Churches and the family are the two most important institutions that God has made to spread His good.

Therefore, on earth, these two institutions are the most important ones. However, how can a church contribute to the family unit? Continue reading and know the answer you’re looking for. God is around.

What Is Family Union?

There are several ways to define family union. However, according to family churches in Lawrence, family union happens when two people join together and become one through marriage and form a family. Yet, for christians, that family bond grows and flourishes once the Lord is at the center, guiding the family.

What Does The Bible Say?

The bible says many things in regards to the family union. As the family is a fundamental pillar, the Lord wishes to pass on wisdom to those who lead their homes to protect it and cherish the blessing of a family.

How Can A Church Help?

There are many ways that a church can help create and contribute to a better family union. For example, by teaching the word and showing peers respect to their neighbor and guidance or counsel.

By Teaching The Word

A church helps contribute to the family unit by teaching the word of the Lord. The bible opens the understanding of every circumstance in life. Churches guide people through the ordinances of God. That way, they help people get closer to their families. As the Lord mentioned on earth: love your neighbor as yourself. 

By Teaching Respect

The Lord is a God of order. Therefore, respect is vital. God gave his only son so everyone could reach him and have everlasting life through him. The message was simple: love one another. A church teaches the word; by doing so, they teach respect to all peers, regardless of who they are, for only God can judge.

Get Anchored To God And Your Family

At the Anchor Church, we like to allow families in Lawrence to get much closer to God, his word, and his bidding while creating a better family union. At our Family Church, you will become exemplary to those within your community and family. Let God anchor you and your family in the book of life to what truly matters: Him. Your family. The word. 


Our Story

theANCHORchurch is about new beginnings – a new church and a fresh start for the future. theANCHORchurch launched in January of 2018. Our story began back in 2015 when Lead Pastors Alex and Brooke Graves began to feel God leading them to step away from the campus ministry they loved to start a church in Lawrence. In the weeks and months that followed, God began to open doors and stir the hearts of others about the preferred future over Lawrence that included theANCHORchurch.

The story of theANCHORchurch is one of dreaming, belonging, creating and loving. It is centered on Jesus and anchored on God’s word. It is a story that does not settle for the status quo, but looks to the future with hope. There is hope for everyone and in every situation. Today the sun can set of your issues but it can rise tomorrow on your future possibilities. theANCHORchurch is here for you and your family!

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