Your Kids Are Important To Us!

We are passionate about creating an atmosphere where your Kids will Experience Jesus is a way they will never forget! You will have the freedom to relax and enjoy our Sunday Experience for Adults while knowing that your Kids are Safe and Secure learning about Jesus and getting to know other Kids from our community. Our goal is to give your Kids a Strong Foundation in Gods Word as we invest time and energy to introduce them to a God who loves them unconditionally and has an awesome plan for their life!

Meet our ANCHORkids Director


This is Summer Hoffman. She is our awesome ANCHORkids Director. She is the wife of Dalton Hoffman, the ANCHORyouth Pastor. Summer is a graduate of Oklahoma University with a degree in Elementary Education. She is currently a 4th Grade Teacher at Langston Hughes Elementary School in Lawrence, KS. Her and Dalton have 2 Dogs names Moses and Finley.

Our Values

Safe, Secure and Fun Learning Environment

Age-Appropriate Classes

Life-Long Relationships

Family Room


We want everyone to have an incredible worship experience at Anchor and that is why we provide a special place for Mothers who are nursing. This location is designed to be a comfortable place for Mothers and Babies. Each Mom will be able to engage the Sunday Experience LiveStream from our Facebook Page displayed on the TV. The Family Room is located right outside the Southwest Door of our Main Gathering Location. Please look for the Family Room Sign as you walk through the door.

Parent FAQ’S

It's our first time at The Anchor Church. Where do we go to Check-In our kids to ANCHORkids?

Thank you in advance for joining us at The Anchor Church! We LOVE our First Time Guests! We have been excitedly waiting for you and your family! Our Kids Program is in the Store Front to the South of our Main Building. We call it the ASM Building (Anchor Student Ministry Building). Just walk in through the main doors and up to that Booth and a member of our Dream Team will assist you in the Check-in Process!

It's my child's first time attending ANCHORkids. How will they know where to go or what to do?

At ANCHORkids, we LOVE our First Time Guests. First Time Guests are given a special sticker at the Check-in Stations to let each of our Volunteers know that your child has never been to ANCHORkids before. Our staff, teachers, and other kids are taught to look for these Special Guests and make them feel welcomed and comfortable. They are taught to include our Special Guests so they do not feel alone or lost in what to do. From the minute a child arrives at ANCHORkids to the minute they are picked up to go home, we want them to have the most fun and easy experience possible.

How will I be contacted in the event of an emergency of it my child needs attention?

ANCHORkids will use Text Messaging as a means to contact you if your child needs attention. Please verify at the Check-in Station that the number listed is accurate and up-to-date. For instance, if your child has an accident or needs immediate attention, we will contact you with a text message to the number you have listed on your families account.

My child is attending with a friend or family member who is different in age. Can they attend together in the same venue?

Because of the lessons are designed to the Age Specific and Area Specific, we encourage kids to attend the Experience in the Area designed for their age group. However, if your child in uncomfortable attending alone, they may attend an Experience with a friend or family member; we just ask that both children attend the Experience for the Youngest Child’s Age Group. This allows both children to fully understand and engage in the lesson being taught.

With ANCHORkids being in a different building, what security measures are in place to ensure the safety of my child?

ANCHORkids has a team of people who work each week to secure our kids and our ASM Building (Anchor Student Ministry Building) There will be a Dream Team Member who will specifically volunteering to keep the kids safe.

10 Minutes after the Morning Experience begins, the main door is locked by our Security Team. Anyone needing in the ASM Building would need to have an Approved Background Check on-file there to Check-In their child to ANCHORkids. Anyone who is Volunteering anywhere around minors have passed a Background Check.

We have a closed security video system that is monitored by our Security Team. The Team makes a round to check all doors and rooms every 15 Minutes during the Morning Experience.

We require all kids to be Checked-In through a system called Planning Center. It is safe and secure. Each child receives a name tag and the parent/guardian receives a matching label that must be presented in order to Check your child our of ANCHORkids at the end of the Morning Experience. Please do not throw away the tag you are given.

If I choose to volunteer at The Anchor Church, what will my kids do while I volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering! It’s because of people just like you that we are able to make The Anchor Church happen each and every week. The kids of our volunteers are incredibly special to all who volunteer at Anchor. We offer a Special Pre-Experience Option for all kids whose parents help setup. They will have breakfast, games, and time to hangout with each other and have fun! Bring them in their PJs and bring clothes to change into for church if you would like! Your kids will have the opportunity to attend the ANCHORkids Experience for their age group.

As a parent, can I be in my child's area as a Leader?

Many parents are involved with their children at ANCHORkids and our team always welcomes new volunteers who love to pour their life into the lives of their kids. We would love to have you join our Dream Team! If you would like to serve please visit our Dream Team Page!

Is there anything that I need to bring?

Please bring clearly labeled diapers, wipes, bottles, and pacifiers in a bag of some kind. If you child is currently potty training, please bring a change of clothes with them in case they have an accident while at church. You will be contacted via text message if your child has an accident or if any emergency arises that will require your attention.

Will my child be provided a snack?

Children between the ages of 1 and 5 will be offered a snack. It is important that you communicate to the Volunteer at the Anchor Kids Check-in Station any allergies or health concerns your child may have. Gluten Free Snack Options are available upon request or necessity.

What is the wellness policy for ANCHORkids?

To ensure the a safe and healthy environment for all kids, we request that parents take responsibility for making sure their children are well before attending ANCHORkids. Please make sure children are symptom free for a minimum of 24 hours before bringing them to ANCHORkids.

What if I have a question that is not on the FAQ list?

Our ANCHORkids team would love to answer any questions that you have. Please contact our Team by sending us an email at

We look forward to connecting with you soon!